In addition to our ongoing pursuit of Olympic Recognition for amateur MMA through UMMAF and our global partners, we would like to announce that Rob Blandenburg of Augusta GA will be joining the Kick International® team as one of the lead coaches for athlete development and recruitment in kickboxing, alongside board member Chip Post. Coach Blandenburg has a wealth of experience dating back to 1986 in martial arts where he now holds multiple accolades: 6th degree Tang Soo Do, 7th Degree Shotokan, 3rd PCMA Kickboxing, 2nd Ren-Rako-Do Karate & UFAF Black belt. Coach Blandenburg also helps to host one of the largest combative sports events in all the SE called Thunder Over Evans which is a tribute to our military.

Coach Blandenburg currently owns and operates the Strikeforce MMA gym in Evans GA where he has trained multiple National and World Champions! Strikeforce MMA is a family friendly training environment for all ages and levels of training. Strikeforce MMA is also a family run business with Rob’s son Josh Blandenburg also assists in the day-to-day training and operations. Alongside his own personal accomplishments in competing, Rob helps to train multiple federal and local law enforcement agencies throughout the state of GA Please visit the Strikeforce MMA social media page for more info.

“It is important to recognize that kickboxing has long been a major staple within combative sports and Kick International has been a big part of that journey for over 35 years. Having a coach with the experience and dedication like Rob on our team will ensure the quality of athletes competing for the US on international events will be highly qualified, motivated and ready to showcase their kickboxing skills!”- Justin Brown (UMMAF)

The USA Mixed Martial Arts Kick International® Federation is a 501c-3 non-profit organization whose mission is to enable US amateur athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence, develop character and support the efforts for all amateur athletes within Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts.

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Justin Brown
SE Regional Director