We are proud to announce that Kick International has been selected to serve as the sanctioning entity for the 2018 USMTO East Championships.  Kick International is a 501(c)3 is a recognized sanctioning entity serving the sports of Kickboxing, MMA and Muay Thai since 1981.  KICK is dedicated to assisting in the administration, regulation, governance, and promotion of quality combat sporting events for amateur athletes.  KICK will serve as the liaison between the USMTO and the New York State Athletic Commission and will oversee the event in accordance with state law.  All athletes are required to register with KICK  before they can compete. The registration fee is $35, payable directly to KICK and it will grant members access to events held throughout the U.S.A.  Athletes will receive supplemental event medical insurance plus officials will be added to the directory of certified officials.

KICK International Vice President Ryan Brueggeman says, “We are very proud to be charged with the oversight over this event and we do not take lightly the trust that the USMTO has placed in KICK International for the safe regulation of this event for the athletes, and to make sure that all required New York State statutes are fulfilled.”

Athletes may register for the tournament at https://usmuaythaiopen.com/register/

Medical requirements are as follows

New York State Medical Requirements:

  • HIV-1 (a serum blood test which verifies the applicant is HIV negative (current within six months)
  • HEPATITUS B (A serum blood test which verifies the applicant is Hepatitis B (HVsAg) negative (current within six months)
  • HEPATITUS C (A serum blood test which verifies the applicant is Hepatitis C (HCVsAb) negative (current within six months)
  • COMPLETED UMMAF ANNUAL MEDICAL FORM approved by a physician stating the athlete is approved for combative sports as indicated on the UMMAF membership application.
  • PREGNANCY TEST FEMALE CONTESTANTS – Pregnancy test taken within 24 hours prior to the start of the event.
  • EKG and CARDIO HISTORY for ATHLETES OVER AGE 40: If over 40 years of age the fighter is deemed high risk and the following additional medicals are required: and must provide written clearance by a licensed physician (MD or DO)

Additional information can be found at https://usmuaythaiopen.com/