The  UMMAF/KICK International is proud to announce the arrival of Shawn “Dallas” Hall to lead the UMMAF Governance Committee.

Mr. Hall and the Governance Committee are responsible for the review of governance practices by the UMMAF Board of Directors and other committees. The Governance Committee itself will lead the search for individuals qualified to become members of the Board of Directors and other committees within UMMAF and also search for candidates with the highest personal and professional integrity, who demonstrate exceptional judgment and ability, and be able to work effectively with other members of UMMAF/KICK International to further the long-range goals of the organization.

The committee will develop and implement an appropriate orientation program for new directors and continuing education for existing directors and will review all applications for organizational membership for UMMAF and all proposals for change in classification of organizational membership, as well as present in proper form for action all proposed amendments to the UMMAF Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws. The Committee will also review all operating rules of the organization. The Governance Committee is also responsible for the conduct and method of elections while making recommendations regarding candidates in association with the President and according to the provisions and limitations contained in UMMAF’s By-Laws.

“I am very happy to see the arrival of Dallas Hall.” says UMMAF Vice President Ryan Brueggeman. “When it comes to integrity and professionalism, knowledge of our sport and other governance practices, this was really a no brainer.” The Governance Committee is essential to our democratic practices and drive for Olympic recognition with our IMMAF partners. Revamping our election procedures and having oversight of our Board of Directors is in keeping with many USOC recognized sports. We felt it only made sense to follow the models of those sports.”

About Shawn Dallas Hall:

Dallas has been a part of the MMA community in multiple positions for nearly 10 years. After selling his private company Dallas found the opportunity to follow his dreams and passion for the sport of MMA. Being a successful entrepreneur Dallas began in the sport as a consultant and manager for young athletes looking to navigate the business of prize fighting. Starting small, Dallas began by acquiring local talent in the Southwest USA and advocating for beginner level pros in order to learn the business and help these young athletes understand the importance of marketing, talent development, contract law, and career development.

After just a few short years Dallas had a roster of 15 athletes that spanned from local level shows to large shows such as RFA, M-1 Global, Bellator, and the UFC. With fighters that won local and regional world titles Dallas began focusing on teaching his clients the importance of creating branding and providing them opportunities to be in control of their own destinies and understanding the importance of having multiple revenue streams.

After several years in combat sports management, Dallas began his journey into combat sports regulation where he thought he could make the most impact on the sport as a whole. Through hard work, time, dedication, and hours of intense study Dallas gained a deep understanding of the sport and started on his path to becoming a licensed judge for the state of Arizona. After taking several courses and shadowing, he was granted his license and began his judging career. Looked at by his peers and the athletes as a very fair and knowledgeable judge, Dallas was offered several positions as an analyst for multiple media outlets. Ultimately Dallas chose to stick with the local Arizona show MMA Fight Radio on NBC Sports.

For several years now he has been able to round out and hone his knowledge of the sport and analyze it from multiple angles. Giving him a unique outlook on the sport as one of the very few individuals to have taken part in athlete development, judging, and analytics, Dallas has proven himself a great resource for people involved in any aspect of the sport. Currently Dallas is a IMMAF/UMMAF trained judge, having attended UFC Referee and IMMAF Regulatory Affairs Director Marc Goddard’s IMMAF training course, an Arizona state licensed judge, radio and podcast analyst, and a consultant for regulators across the country.